Kitchen Drain - Solid Copper Basket Strainer 3.5" - DR600WC - (Not for garbage disposal)


This drain is made of SOLID COPPER and it is exclusively produced for Copper Alchemy to match our Kitchen and Bar & Prep Sinks (With 3.5" drains). The finish of this drain is called Weathered Copper (WC). 

This drain is very durable and since it is manufactured of SOLID COPPER it will patina with the same characteristics as your kitchen sink. As the rest of our drains the Solid Copper - 3.5" Basket Strainer and Disposer Flange are manufactured under strict industry standards. Features a spring loaded center post for a tight seal.
Our copper drains actually actively kill bacteria. Copper is a natural antibacterial product. E-Coli bacteria for example, will live on stainless steel for 34 days, only 4 minutes on copper.

Our SOLID COPPER Drains are distributed by VOSTRA USA:

This drain is designed to weather along with your copper sink. Do not worry about discoloration. In short order, your drain will be beautifully weathered to match your sink from normal use. You may use plumbers putty to install into sink. 

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