Bathroom Copper Sinks

We offer a large variety of Bathroom Copper Sinks in different finishes (patinas), sizes, shapes, gauges, and for different types of installations such as Vessel or Over the Counter Sinks - where the sink sits on top of the counter, Under Mount Sinks - where the sinks are installed underneath the counter and Raised Profile Sinks - where the sinks are installed partially under the counter and partially over the counter. Sinks with flat rims are under mounted and sinks with rounded/rolled rims are dropped in as the hammered rim is visible and sits on top of the counter. Raised Profile Sinks are also called Self Rimming Sinks.

Vessel Sinks come in two designs : Thick gauge 14 - see graph below - and Double Wall Sinks. Both designs are very exclusive and unique in the industry.

We strive to offer our customers a pleasant one stop shopping experience therefore we carry a large selection of drains and faucets that will match cosmetically and functionally with your sink.

Our Standard finishes are : Cafe Viejo (CV), Natural (NA) and Fuego (FU). 

Our Made to Order (MTO) finishes are : Black Copper (BC), Sanded Copper (SC), Dusk Copper (DC), Washed Copper(WC), Glossy Copper (GC), Brushed Nickel (BN) and Shiny Nickel (SN).