Camila on December 11th 2014

 Purchase from artisans/coppersmiths who ENJOY creating their products: The copper artisans who hand- make our sinks come from families that have been in the copper industry for eight generations. Keeping generations and communities thriving, the object holds that positive energy and it spreads.

Contribute to decrease in fossil fuel erosion: Purchasing mass produced products generally come overseas – barging it all over, production costs, sweatshops, etc.

Handmade products are more than just a product: There is love, creativity and uniqueness. That shows in each Copper Alchemy sink, from the more popular classic collection to the large and exotic designs.

Eco-friendly: As members of the Green Building Council, Copper Alchemy uses 100% recycled copper (lead free) and recycled wood as an energy source. Our small boutique company makes the effort and time to care about keeping our production process environmentally conscious. When it’s handmade, you can do that.

You don’t have to say that you bought it at Ikea.

 Price vs. Value: Try and compare a cut - out copper sink from China versus a handmade copper sink crafted by the expert hands of our artisans. You can’t. Treasures are handmade with appreciation and passion, not mass-produced.

Buying handmade is a Win-Win situation: You enrich your life with a beautiful handmade copper sink, and you enable an artist to continue following their creative dreams.

Exclusivity: Each of our handmade sinks is unique and one of a kind. There are not two handmade copper sinks that are the same, which makes each item a special object. Crafty hands are behind each copper sink fabrication process, from the design sketches to the wrapping and shipping.

Sincerity: Our Artisans don’t hand craft copper sinks just to make money. They’re not some product of a slick R&D department for profit. They make things that involve years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, commitment and sincerity.

When you buy handmade from Copper Alchemy, you are taking part in a process of revising our economic model to one that rewards hard work, talent, creativity, initiative and personal responsibility.


Enjoy our dedication.


Ernesto on May 21st, 2014

Copper has become quiet popular in the home renovation world these days, and it’s not just because of its good looks. Copper does bring a warmth and artistic appeal with its hand hammered detail, creating effortless style and elegance. But being man’s oldest metal, there is more than what meets the eye. A powerful and beneficial attribute of copper is its’ antimicrobial element, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

A substance that is antimicrobial kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. This antimicrobial attribute is the reason why the Ronald McDonald House of Charleston, South Carolina chose to use copper in a mass renovation of the entire house in order to protect the health of the delicate patients and their families. Adam Estelle, one of the lead engineers of this copper renovation project stated, “Antimicrobial copper alloys are the only class of solid materials registered with the environmental protection agency to continuously kill more than 99.9% of disease causing bacteria within two hours including MRSA ( A bacterium that causes infection in different body parts) ”, making copper the perfect fit for this project.

The Ronald McDonald House of Charities (RMHC) is a longstanding and very respected organization that creates a “home away from home” for families so that they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little to no cost. The RMHC vision is that they believe that when you change a child’s life, you can change a family’s, which can change a community, and ultimately the world. Taking the necessary measures to better the environment of sick children and their supportive families is part of this vision. In this case, the powerful health benefits of copper are put to work in an extremely important an effective way.

It’s unique. It’s beautiful. Most importantly, it’s constantly fighting to keep your home healthy and bacteria free.